The story of a great family

From a small local business to a leading national food company.

The Ambrosini Food Group is, first and foremost, the story of 3 generations who share a passion for their work.

Family values, interwined with business ethics, have made it possible to transform what began as a small local business into a nationwide leading food company.

Today the group is led by the 3 Ambrosini siblings: Diego, Paolo and Serena. They have inherited the tradition values from their father Carlo, creating a cutting-edge, modern and innovative group, that combines the prestige of a great brand and the passion of a great Italian family.

For more than 70 years, Ambrosini has proudly represented, on the table of Italian people, a guarantee of food quality by focusing on the most innovative production and distribution techniques.

The value of the Ambrosini Food Group mainly lies on the integration among the various companies of the Holding, developing a highly synergistic business model by seeking excellence at every stage of the supply chain.

Our History


In the mid-1940s grandmother Rosina and grandfather Pietro opened a small butcher shop in Bagnatica, a town near Bergamo. Lucia, their daughter, followed in their footsteps supported by her husband Carlo. Together they opened new butcher shops and convenience stores. From the mid-1980s, their children Diego, Paolo and Serena took part in the business as well.


In 2001 Ambrosini family opened a small bakery, which then became PANÌ in 2003. In 2006 Panì bakery expanded through the acquisition of an industrial company, which allowed them to develop a technological production plant with state-of-the-art machinery, producing fresh and long-life baked goods, although following the ancient recipes of traditional bakers of course.


The birth of AMBROSINI CARNI company is bound to the family butcher shops and by now it is landmark for the whole Bergamo area, a must for those who look for the best quality meat available. In 2004 it became an industrial reality in the breeding and distribution of meat, turning into a market leader over the years.


In 2007 AMBROSINI FRESCHI was founded, a Cash and Carry that immediately became a reference for the Ho.Re.Ca channel, quality food service for the supply of ultra-fresh food products, frozen products and for the entire non-food sector. Thanks to the Ambrosini family’s food experience in the world of butchery, the management of in-store meat counters inside supermarkets and discount stores also began at this time.


In 2009, the Ambrosini family, in order to guarantee the entire supply chain, purchased the “SANTA LUCIA” farming company in the Bergamo countryside. It is here that bulls are bred respecting animal welfare. In the “Santa Lucia” farm, the animals grow healthy and strong without any forcing or use of antibiotics, guaranteeing quality, complying with regulations and ensuring the traceability of every single product.


The reviolificio activity began in the early 1970s with the production and distribution of fresh filled pasta. In 2010, PASTIFICIO DAVENA was purchased. Development throughout the country and abroad began, partially thanks to the support of new machinery and modern production techniques, while maintaining the characteristics of homemade fresh pasta.


Ambrosini Holding proudly carries on, in all their companies, the values of their grandparents Rosina and Pietro. It all started with them, unaware, in their days, that in the years and generations to come their small reality woul become Ambrosini Holding.

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