Quality and Sustainability

We put great effort and attention daily to ensure the quality and wholesomeness of our products.

For the Ambrosini Group, quality and sustainability are two core values for pursuing goals beyond profit, with a positive impact on people, the environment and society.

The daily commitment to ensure the quality and wholesomeness of products permeates all of the Group’s operations through continous monitoring and analysis throughout the supply chain.

Our companies pay careful attention to the environment and to the communities in which they produce and operate by using energy from renewable sources and photovoltaic panels to minimize Co2 emissions. Great attention is also paid to the use of increasingly sustainable packaging in order to reduce environmental impact, by preferring recyclable green packaging.

Our certifications

All Ambrosini Food Group companies operate under a regime of maximum control and safety, in full compliance with current regulations and quality standards of production and distribution.

Panì per il pianeta

Ambrosini is committed to reducing the environmental impact by using energy produced from renewable sources and recyclable packaging.


International Food Safety Standard, whose main purpose is to promote the effective selection of retail branded food suppliers on the basis of their ability to provide safe products that comply with contractual specifications and legal requirements.

ISO 22005

Voluntary certification standard that ensures traceability in agri-food supply chains, verifying the safety and quality of food from the origin of raw materials to the end of the production process.


It certifies organic products from the European Union that have met strict conditions for production, processing, transport and storage.


Voluntary standard that defines the requirements necessary for "Gluten Free" certification. It provides additional assurance to the consumer.

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